Parenting is hard, yo

Oh my god, did you know that being a parent is kind of tough? Shocker, right?

The monkey turned one last month and I swear someone flipped a switch on him. Our charming, quiet, calm little boy has turned into a tantrum throwing fuss monster. I love him to pieces, but when he randomly starts screaming and thrashing, I just want to lock him in his room and run.

What parent doesn’t? If any of you say “me” you are a liar.

Parenting is hard. We knew this going in and we know it now. Parenting requires a level of patience that none of us knew we had. Some of us are still working on it. Parenting requires walking away from your child when you don’t know what to do; if only for a minute. Parenting requires admitting you don’t know everything, you never will, and that it’s okay to ask for help.

We’re lucky in that our families are close and eager to watch our kid. I have many friends who didn’t have the luxury of calling mom and dad and asking to drop off a fussy monster so you can have a moment of peace. I know parents who wouldn’t dream of asking that kind of favor of others. It’s important to understand that when people offer to help you out, they really mean it. That they want to help you get those couple of hours of dinner and a movie. That in order to survive you need to be away from your child. It’s best for everyone involved.

When the monkey was only a couple of months old, Trevor couldn’t be without him. The first time he was sleeping over at the grandparents, he barely slept. He commented on how much he missed his boy and  he felt terrible without him home. Last month I texted him from work and said “mom can take the monkey overnight on Saturday, you cool with that?” I got an all caps “HELL YES”. We’ve grown as parents because we can admit when we’re in over our heads and simply need a break.

Parenting is hard. Especially if you are doing it right.