A few words on parenthood

Today my son licked his hand and giggled.  Tomorrow he’ll be two months old. I can’t figure out yet if he knew what he was doing, or if it was an accident, but I like to think it was on purposed.

“Trevor, our son figured out how to lick his hand!” Trevor was in the office, playing around on his computer but he was up and in the living room in seconds.  He LOVES it when I call him in for these little milestones.  We watched as Eddie licked his palm and chewed on it and giggled. He would smile and giggle every time we laughed, so I’m convinced that he knew what he was doing.

At 4:30 a.m. he was giggling and laughing as I tried to change him. He would kick his legs just as I would try to place the little tabs on his diapers. When I would lose grip on the tab he would laugh and smile.  I have a feeling he is going to be a very difficult little boy, I’m quite okay with that though.

We’ve only been parents for two months but I like to think we’re becoming adept at it. We learn new things every day; what his cries mean, what to expect when his lower lip suddenly pops out, how to dodge a pee stream. It all makes the decision to work part-time such a positive one.

But with it comes a lot of struggle.  We’re also learning how to tighten our belts. I’ve had to make a few calls to creditors and beg forgiveness.  The power company came through big time when I called to discuss my three months laps on bill payment. They worked out a plan to pay the missed months over the next five months and figured out how to make our power usage easier to handle. We’ve had to swallow our pride on a few occasions and ask for financial support and we’ve had to give up a few things that we took for granted, like gym memberships and loot crate.

And then my kid giggles while chewing on his fist and my heart melts because in the end it’s all worth it.

I’m learning a lot. So much more about myself, my husband, and what it means to shape another human being. I keep looking up milestones because I’m excited to see him sit on his own and cuddle his toys.  I’m pretty sure I have a ridiculously smart kid as I swear he mimics us when we say “hi.” This kid is going to have so much to offer the future, I’m glad that Trevor and I have a part in forging it.


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