A quick work rant

I need to change the ringtone on my phone for work. Apparently I haven’t done that and when I heard it, at 8:30 a.m., I answered.  Now, I am going into work four hours early. I will, inevitably, fight my way through an 11 hour shift of fighting against the waves of computer illiteracy rushing to crush my very soul. 

This is after a four day weekend.  This is also after answering my phone because of a default ringtone.

The question begs, why am I now working four hours early and still closing the store? 

I work in retail, it’s true. Most of my coworkers view their job as “something to pay the bills,” until they finish school or find something better. Truth be told, so did I.  There is one major difference between me and them.

I fucking respect the people I work for and most importantly, the people I work with. 

Did I just go back to school and get a shiny new degree to teach people not to download porn blindly onto their computer? No.  Did I go back to school to have to get belittled by the general public because they think they are above our rules? Hell No. Did I go back to school to cover my coworkers shifts because “they just couldn’t face the day?” Fuck no. 

But you know what, I could have said No. I never do, they know that. Why? Because it’s still a job. They still pay me. That big box store is the reason I barely make my mortgage. 

Most of all, it’s because I don’t like to see the people I work with get completely fucked over by one selfish person. Because if I don’t go in, my coworkers, some I consider friends, have to deal with the masses of ignorant consumers who don’t understand and certainly don’t care that a person called off their shift and they are stuck trying to make it up. 

But for the love of god, if you work any job, when you call off, think a little less about yourself and think about what you are doing to the people you have to work with everyday. The ones that are going to cover your ass. The ones who’s day went to hell because you couldn’t “do it.”

Unless you have the plague. Then do us a favor and stay the fuck home. 


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