The Floodgates Have Re-Opened

I’m finding that job opportunities come in waves.  A month ago I was lamenting the rejections I received following what I believed to be three excellent interviews.  The last month I hadn’t seen many opportunities so I just focused on the work I had.  It’s been an interesting month.

I’ve become someone that is relied upon very heavily at work.  I like this, very much.  Working for a big box retailer may not pay much, and it’s so very stressful this time of year.  But it’s strangely rewarding for me.  

Two weeks ago I put on my big girl pants and had a sit down with my supervisor and manager. I went over some issues we’ve been having at work.  I discussed with them some possible solutions and then I did the hardest thing imaginable for me to do; I asked for a raise.  

The funny part of transitioning management during reorganization is that some information does not get passed directly on to your new management team. So when my manager asked why I felt I deserved a raise, the first thing I pointed out is that I’m the lowest paid full time member of his staff.  Then I told him how much I am paid.  He immediately apologized and said that it would take time but he promised to better compensate for the job I do. 

I haven’t gotten the raise yet, but he warned me that it would take time and I’m okay with that.  What he has done is give me weekly updates on the progress of it, which I’m more appreciative of than the actual raise at this point.  Also, in those couple weeks, both my supervisor and manager have pulled me in for discussions on job related topics. It makes me feel like I really am the valuable member of this team that I always felt I was. And there is the rewarding part of my job.

But back to my original point of the whole post; this past weekend I basically promised myself to my manager.  We had two more members of our team put in their notice. Several others are looking for other work. It’s not that it’s a bad job; it’s just not the job any of us had planned on making a career out of.  The majority of our team members are college students or recent college grads (such as me).  We are struggling with the team we have because we are so short in bodies and now we’re losing two more. 

Monday I got an email from one of the employers I interviewed with in September.  They have a new opportunity and they want to bring me in to discuss it.  I had a near Squee! moment when I read that, but I was on break at work so I tempered myself.  I go in tomorrow about it.  In addition, I handed off my resume to my husband’s boss who has passed it on to his wife.

Of course, as I said I basically just dedicated myself to my current employer. If there is anything to learn about me it’s that I’m a devoted employee.  I may be tired, frustrated and burned out by my job, but I know how much I am needed there.  If any of these pan out, I will stick around through the holidays on a part time basis. It’s a poorly paid retail job, but I work for people I am absolutely devoted to because they have been good to me.  


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