Post Interview Depression

I had three really great interviews in the last two weeks and felt extremely positive about all three experiences.  It was a bit of a heartbreak to get the rejection letters, but, alas that is the way of the market right now.

Which leads me to the current slump.  I had been extremely diligent in my job search for the past few months and am currently slacking.  I’ve hit that low point that all long-term unemployed individuals hit.  Why can’t I find a job?  Why won’t anyone hire me?  What’s the point.

It’s a low point.  We all have them and most of us will recover from them in due time.  I say “we” because I know the cycle, I recognize it for what it is, and I’ll move on.  For the time being I work 40 hours in retail, listen to a lot of Muse, Jed Whedon and Lykke Li and wait it out.  Then it’s back to the all consuming job of finding one that pays.



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