How not to be discouraged by the job hunt

The subject line makes it sound as though I may be an authority on this subject, but truth be told, I am not.  This morning was one of those mornings that I lay awake, unmotivated to move from my bed and stuck thinking about what to do next in the job search.

It’s been a few weeks since I submitted my resume to the truly awesome job I wanted.  I followed the rules:  Submit the  cover letter and resume with a short but informative email. Wait a week.  Call to follow-up.

A few minutes after leaving the follow-up message on voice mail, I had a response email to my original submission.  It thanked me for submitting my resume and for the follow-up call.  They would be reviewing applicants and setting up interviews within the next week or two.

I took the quick response as a positive and hoped that put me closer to the top of the list, or at least in the pile labeled “Borderline qualifications but spectacular applicant etiquette.”

It’s been a couple of weeks and I know it’s my own impatience but when you have to decide between what bills to pay on time and what bills to squeeze in under the 30-day mark, well I think that allows for a little impatience.  Of course, as tempted as I have been to call and ask “So about my resume…” I’m still a good girl with good etiquette.

I think.

Of course, I wouldn’t dare hold out for that one and only job.  I’ve applied for nearly two dozen jobs in the last 10 days.  I took my typing test at the Dane County Job Center and was pleasantly surprised with my 79wpm  score.  I guess that’s what you get for growing up with the internet, and that whole background in desktop publishing.

Next week is a job fair at the Alliant Energy Center. I happen to have the day off so I’ve got my all important resume ready to go.  I’m excited because this is where I shine, the in person meeting.  And this is really what brings me to the subject.

It’s incredibly discouraging, this job search thing.  People can only take rejection for so long before they really start to question their purpose.

It’s been two years since I lost my job.  Half of that time I’ve spent looking for a new one.  The year and half in school was a really nice break from, but I also couldn’t help feeling a bit over-confident when I graduated. I really did believe I would have a job by now.

In order to stave off the depressive monster that threatens, I have to think about the positive things through all this.  What am I good at?  The interview.  I excel at the interview, so the job fair next week keeps me positive because I know I will go in there with my resume and wow some potential employers.

I do have a job with a company and people I really like and that helps. I could have nothing.  My husband and I could have lost our house by now, but I got a holiday job that lasted and was  just enough to keep us treading water.

And finally, to keep from letting the depression sink in, and ultimately what dragged my bum out of bed this morning…

There are people in worse situations.  People who lost their job and didn’t get to go to school for free.  Who don’t have a part-time retail job to at least pay the bills. There are people who have defaulted on loans and lost their homes.

I have had opportunities which means I have to keep fighting.  If I let it wear me down then I’ve thrown this all away for nothing and that’s not fair.


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