The art of finding a job (or things I have to figure out yet)

Last week my internship came to a close.  It was a good internship, taught me many things.  However, it was tough coming up with the $20/week it cost me to park downtown.

Job downtown = awesome, but costly

This week I really started to zero in on the job hunt.  Got my test scores back from the State office exam and found that I am delightfully just above average when it comes to office support.  Having scored above the required 70 I have opened up dozens of new job opportunities.  Huzzah!

Now I’m working nearly 40 hours a week at the big box store and attempting to find a job.

What many people don’t seem to realize is that finding a job is a full time job.  Yesterday was my one day off, in the past ten days, and I spent a large portion of it writing a cover letter and submitting it, with resume, to just one job.  One.

I spent nearly three hours on just that one job posting.  A truly awesome and perfect job posting well worth the three hours; but still, when you do two or even three of those a day, it is almost as exhausting as working customer service for eight hours.

Speaking of the cover letter…  Previously mentioned job posting (the first entry-level communications position I have seen posted since finishing classes in June) warranted a fresh start with the cover letter.  I’ve been stuck on this particular piece of the application puzzle.  I have a cover letter that says a lot about what I can do, but seriously lacks personality.

After reading the posting I decided it was all too important to tell the employer who I am, not just what I can do.  I believe I did that.  During the process I inundated a friend with requests for advice and feedback and I feel that the final copy will get me an interview.  Well, after I call them in a couple days to follow up.

Now I have a shiny new cover letter. I have a snazzy resume.  All I need is to wow someone with my personality.  The interview has always been my strong point in the job search, it’s the getting there that continues to plague me and I fully intend to remedy that.



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