Looking for work, getting past the hard part

I’m in full on job mode.  My internship comes to an end in about a month and I really hope to have a new job by then.

I am stuck on the most trying part of the job hunt, getting a foot in the door.  History has shown me that when I get an interview, I excel. I’ve been told that I interview extremely well, however I need to actually get the interview.  Which means getting the call.

I feel as though I write well, so a cover letter should be easy, but it’s the most trying part of the whole process. I look at my resume and I see a list of what I have done and can do, but I see no personality.  My cover letter has been tuned and re-tuned. It’s been reviewed by a dozen or more people for input, but it is still dryer than my cat’s water bowl on a hot day.

My current goal is to make a cover letter worth reading. I want to send this to a potential employer and have them say, “I don’t have any openings but I want this person to work for me!”

How do you do that in just a few short paragraphs while highlighting the your skills?  That is the question of the decade, isn’t it?

I used to have a cookie cutter cover letter that looked something like this:

Dear Mr. Employerguy,

I saw your job listed on <insert posting here> for a <list job title here>. I feel I am an excellent fit for your company <list why>.

Job experiences and why they are relevent for 2-3 paragraphs. Blah blah blah.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Here’s a list of my contact information and portfolio.



So now I’m trying to fill it out a bit, make it more me.  I write each cover letter from scratch (mostly scratch, the contact info at the bottom stays the same) and attempt to tailor it for each specific employer.  Yet I feel I still lack personality and flair.

I’ll continue to spend each Wednesday making it more me and more flavorful as I strive for that interview for the job that didn’t even exist until they found me. That’s not asking so much, is it?


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