The importance of being ernest, in your research

This little gem showed up in my twitter feed today and I have since shared it on just about every social media site I currently use. I will admit, this kind of thing is a fear of mine, being caught by lack of research

Last week I was asked to provide two blog posts for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. I took several days to write my first one, shared it to several people for review and have since turned it in. It should show up on their website in the next week or two and I’ll be happy to share it when it does.

When writing the post, I realized that this is the first soon-to-be-published article I had written that counts as journalism. That one thought terrified me.  What if I get my research wrong?  What if I say something truly stupid? Will the party approve of my message?

I suppose that’s why it took me days to write it. I had to be sure my information was accurate.

How sad is it that some people are so quick to get published that they do not follow through with research? As the article above shows, it happens quite often. And yeah, the guy may have been a lowly intern, and maybe someone tossed him a bone in the office and said “we have these pictures, look into it.” Instead of researching, he chose to go to the source in an attempt to ambush a highly regarded journalist and got called on it.

I bet he learned a life lesson.

So research. Just do it. Or else this may happen to you:


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