Creative writing and so on

I have a few hours to myself, every Tuesday and Wednesday, before running off to work.  There’s a long list of things I could be doing, but I end up spending most of that time drinking too much coffee and playing on the internet.  After getting to work I often lament on what I should of done with that time, namely writing.

I’ve had the itch to write creatively for months now, but I can’t seem to get myself into that setting that lends itself to actual doing.

This morning I sat down at my computer, opened up iTunes and impulsively put on Arctic Monkeys “Humbug”.  This is the type of album that pokes at something deep down and influences that desire to do more.  So now I’m sitting here, thinking about what I want to write, very nearly at the point that I will write.  Instead of starting a short story or something more creative all I could think to do was write about wanting to write.

I don’t know if this counts as productive.  I don’t like to write for the sake of writing, I tend to write with purpose.  However, this very post is a contradiction of that very idea.  In a few hours I will go to work and I will spend the eight hours of serving others wishing I had served my own needs.


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