Patience, young grasshopper

Just shy of four months I am back on skates!  The last two weeks were difficult since I was given permission to skate by my PT, but hadn’t been able to actually go anywhere to skate.  Finally, last night, I was allowed a brief 15 minutes of skating before practice began and it was glorious.

I was a bouncy, excited mess all day long, just knowing I was allowed to skate.  I got to practice nearly an hour early because I didn’t want to go home. When gearing up, I had no idea what to expect.  As I strapped my last velcro strap in place, I started to mentally freak out.  What was going to happen when I stood up?  Was I going to fall down?  Could I balance?  Could I stop once I started?

I couldn’t believe how easily it came back to me.  The first few laps were a hot mess.  I couldn’t balance very well and I was shaky around corners.  But I was skating.  After the first few laps I started giving it more effort.  By five minutes in I was doing some truly ugly crossovers.  At ten minutes they were looking pretty darn good.  Speed was low and endurance was even worse, but my god I was skating again.

What surprised me the most, however, was that I hadn’t seemed to lose any of my agility.  Granted what I was allowed to do was limited.  But I could still make some pretty deep cuts across the track.  I didn’t try any fast foot work or hopping. That was also forbidden to me.  But I could change lanes, cut the track and corner.  Yay!

Really difficult things turned out to be stopping.  Which I was afraid of.  I was limited to toe or t-stops, but my balance was not good on my left leg, which made it hard to put all my weight there in order to stop.  I wanted to do one of my amazingly awesome turn stops but that was an absolute no-no as it requires a lot of torque on the ankles.

But I can skate.  Not just as in I’m allowed but I can physically do it.  I have to admit, there was a lot of mental concern about that.  But it came back so fast.

Now the waiting game starts all over again.  I’m not enrolled in the current session because I had no idea when I would be cleared to skate (turns out a week in).  I have to wait for them to make a decision on a second session which probably wouldn’t be until late July or August.  The waiting is so hard.  Now that I’ve gotten a taste of it, I want back so very badly.


Post PT update:

My PT is extremely pleased with my progress. Go me!  Which means we have added more lunges and more balance to my regular routine.  Lunges, boo!  I’m also allowed 20-30 minutes of skating a day working towards a 40 minute workout by my next appointment in three weeks.  Skate on!


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