Schools done, now what?

I have officially finished school

For the second time.

And it feels just as wonderful the second time around.  But with finishing school comes the challenge of finding a job. 

As it stands, I’ve committed myself to my internship for the duration of the summer .I promised them three months and by golly I will follow through on that promise.  I also was promoted to full time at my retail job, again with the promise of three months. 

So while I search for a full time job, I have the dilemma of not really being able to start a full time position until at least September.  While many of my friends have told me it’s okay to take a full time, career position and resign from the other two jobs, but I don’t always agree with such things.  I’m looking and I intend to apply and interview as it’s always good experience.  But there’s that part of me that hopes I can find something very soon.

I know my husband would appreciate me finding a job quickly.  The pay cut we will be taking, now that my unemployment is done (it ended when school ended), will be incredibly hard to adjust to.  But, I gave my word an the experience I am gaining from my internship, alone, will be worth the job hiatus.  At least that is what I tell myself.

So here I am: looking for jobs, applying for jobs, and hoping that the golden egg lands in my lap right around September.



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