Let the skating commence

It’s been awhile and I have a few minutes to kill before getting a long overdue hair cut.  Plus, I’m just so excited I can’t help but find a few minutes to write about all that is making nearly bounce off every wall in this house with joy.

First up, it’s been a few weeks.  It’s been over a month since I talked about my borked ankle and how that is going.  Well… I’m nearly healed.  Nearly.  I’ve been out of the boot for just about three weeks. I can now successfully walk down stairs.  My limp is almost entirely gone, unless I try to actually keep up with people walking at a normal pace.  

Last week I had my last appointment with the Ortho doc and was truly impressed with my progress.  He wished me luck with continued PT and with Roller Derby.  And then that was it.  It’s done. I no longer require painful examinations involving the abnormal twisting and turning of my limbs; nor will I be subjected to levels of radiation I can only hope will lead me to gain super powers some day.  (I would like the ability to teleport. Or fly. Or both.)

Two weeks ago I had an incredibly disappointing appointment with my PT doc who assured me that in the strength building phase things will go much slower.  He was still happy with my progression and likened it to more normal levels, instead of the absurdly fast progression I had been maintaining.  Today I was vindicated.  He was impressed with how much strength I showed and my ability to finally balance for at least ten seconds on my wounded leg.  Of course, this just means he gave me much harder exercises to do.  

The best of all this came at the very end though.  As I’m stretching and feeling pretty gosh darn good about things, he told me those four little words I have been dying to hear since March 8.  “You can skate again.”

I wanted to hug him, but he was sitting and I was stretching and it would have been awkward.  So instead I just grinned like an idiot and thanked him.  He followed this up with clarifying that I do basic skating.  On flat surfaces.  Bring a friend or a phone in case I hurt myself, and absolutely do not skate at competitive levels.  Because of his lack of understanding the fundamentals of Roller Derby I am going to go ahead and assume that means no contact.  And no jumping.  No turn stops (my turn stops are a wonder to behold).  So I can pretty much skate in a circle at slow speeds, but my god I can skate again!  

I can skate again, but it’ll probably be a week yet before I do so.  I’m dying to, but I’m booked solid.  

In addition to the excitement of being able to skate (and being told I’m a rock star at healing), I am leaving for Appleton this afternoon for the Democratic State Convention.  I’m sure that the energy will be low and people will be subdued, but I’m still excited to go.  I keep thinking about the people I will meet an talk to and the experience I will take from it.  

Despite Tuesday’s results, it’s still been an intensely exciting week for me and the summer just keeps improving. 


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