It’s Farmers Market Time

A true bummer about having a broken ankle is missing out on some of your favorite things.  The farmer’s market on the capitol square opened up a few weeks ago and I watched as my friends posted updates and photos onto their Facebook and Twitter pages.  I sat at home and pouted.

I love the farmers market.  It’s a Madison tradition of fresh produce, wonderful baked goods and a variety of ecclectic people and things.  However, it is terribly crowded and difficult to maneuver on a good day.  Mix in crutches…

On Saturday I made it down, sans crutches.  It was still a pain to get around.  I’m slower than the throng that pushes through at a steady pace.   When I saw something I wanted to investigate closer I had trouble getting in and out of the moving train of bodies.  And I only made it half-way around the square.  Just that half was an exhausting yet exhilarating hike.

I couldn’t stay long but I got my first market in for the season.  I hobbled by to  my car with three little loaves of mini breads, the scent of produce and baked goods in my head and knowledge that I would be able to take in the full market in just a few more weeks.




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