Can mobile devices save the newspaper?

Consumers want news, this has not changed in a hundred plus years. How they get their news is what is in flux.

Mobile devices can help the media markets.  In the past, people picked up a newspaper off the stand in their way to work to their destinations.  This is also true for news today.  However, they don’t want to stop and drop a few bucks on a paper, they want it available with the click of a button. It is instant gratification.

I wouldn’t say that the app market can save the newspaper industry because that would be admitting that it can die.  People want the news.  They need to know what is taking place in the world.  What it comes down to is how can the news be provided in the most gratifying way?

The app market has already proven that its advertising has increased the revenue of newspaper companies.  Consumers are buying the apps and they are reading the news. The question came up if it is a gimmick that consumers will tire of.  The answer, I believe, is no.  As long as mobile devices can be manufactured, they will be used.  Putting the news on these devices is an obvious fit.

As long as traditional media companies recognize the necessity of creating apps for mobile devices, they will survive.  Media is already amorphous and the people who run these companies are already proving their abilities to adapt with the changing times.

Mobile devices can only help traditional media.  Readers may not buy a newspaper daily, or even weekly, but they will still buy.

Take into consideration major sporting events such as the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup.  Consumers will purchase print papers when their beloved team wins such an event.  They’ll buy papers leading up to the event, if the headline is right.  All for the keepsake value of the paper.

Mobile media will help consumers to get the news they need, how the consumer believes they need it.  Mobile media will keep news companies alive and kicking.


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