Please don’t put your kids on Facebook

Another interesting post off the reader today.  According to MinorMonitor, 38% of Facebook users are children.

We’ve all gotten them, the Facebook invite from a friend or family members child.  At first I accepted the friends request.  I didn’t want to be rude, knowing full well that my cousin would be pissed if I didn’t accept the request.  I’m a savvy user, however, and the first thing I did was lock them out of every single action I take on FB.  They can’t see my posts, they can’t see my images.  They can’t see my friends posting inappropriate images on my wall.

However, following an incident involving my posting of a famous and entertaining song which makes use of the F*Bomb quite a bit (okay it was Cee Lo Green), I had to defriend all my “friends” under the age of 18.  The issue?  A family member who was privy to those posts then emailed my family to tell them how absolutely disgusted they were with my use of FB and the fact that I posted a “disgustingly innapropriate” song with “foul language” so that all of those children could see.  How dare I expose them?

Well I didn’t.  I’m smarter than that.  And I had to calmly explain that those kids couldn’t see it.  But since then I have made it a policy that my FB is rated NC-17.  It’s not.  My page is pretty clean, but I refuse to take any chances on the matter.

But that leaves me to only question what my friends and family are thinking when they allow their children to make pages on Facebook.  How tied down are those pages?  What can their kids see?  What can they access?  Many would argue that they just let their kids do it to keep up with other kids and play games, but are they prepared for what comes with that?  Do their kids know the difference between safe game apps and ones loaded with malware and virus?

FB has it’s policy of 13+ in place for a reason.  So what makes people think that their child is special?


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