This weekend’s nerd moment…

Working at Best Buy, I see a lot of things come in.  We take in electronics for recycling and it’s amazing what people still have lying around their home.  Last month I saw not one, but two of those little rectangular portable t.v.’s with the handle.  They weighed about 15 pounds and had a little 6 inch black and white tube screen.  I wanted to take one home, just because.

However, Saturday takes the cake.  I wish I had been at the counter when whoever dropped these off came in because I would have just wheeled the cart out to my car.  But I missed him and only caught it when one of our Warehouse guys was taking it back for recycling.  By then it was too late. In fact, it was too late to even get good photos.

That is an entire Apple II set up, in box, completely with original packaging (right down to the plastic).  Best I could do was open one box and get a glimpse of the packaging.

I did pull up the top insert to see the actual desktop computer underneath, but yeah.  If we hadn’t been so busy I would have pulled it all out, set it up, and took a picture.  Or just have taken it home with me.  This may be one of my great disappointments.


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