I sense something disturbing in the twitter feed

Upon arriving on campus and securing my booth in the UC, I have a routine pretty well locked down. I plug in my laptop, power it on and open up Chrome.  I then open up four tabs, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and D2L.  Today, Twitter seemed a little off.  I quickly realized what it was.  AP has a new logo.

It was also something that popped up a couple times on my Google reader.



This pretty much sums up my thoughts on this:

Maybe I am adverse to change, but I liked the look of the old logo.




I don’t know why I don’t like it, I just don’t.  Sure, 30 years is a long time for a logo, but when it’s as tastefully simple as the AP logo and everyone knows what it represents, well maybe it’s okay to just leave it alone.  Or, if you’re going to move on, maybe something a little less blah.  The old one had some style still, the new one… I think someone let their 8-year-old at their computer again.


One thought on “I sense something disturbing in the twitter feed

  1. I agree. I hate to be the “it’s new so I don’t like it” person, but it’s new, and I don’t like it.

    Still, not sure how relevant their logo is when AP is facing so many other issues right now.


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