Digital First creates an easy to follow path to journalism today

After years of routine reporting and editing, journalists are forced to find new and innovative ways to compete in a market saturated with work seekers.  Digital First seems to have come up with a solution, or at least a start.

On his blog, The Buttry Diary, Steve Buttry, Director of Community Engagement & Social Media for Digital First Media, discusses how he encourages the new generation of journalists to proceed as part of Digital First.

The first thing to catch my attention is the frequency with which he promotes use of Twitter as a media tool.  Twitter can be extremely useful for keeping an timely account of what is being reported on.

What I hadn’t considered was using it to see what people who are tied to the reported event/story are saying.  People tend to post to Twitter on impulse, which means that, if diligent, you can get some pretty interesting items out of someone’s twitter feed.

His suggestions for constant updating of Twitter, Facebook, Google + and so on are also excellent ideas.  My only concern would be in regards to poachers.  If you’re working on a particularly juicy scoop, would you want it out there for anyone to just come along and snatch up from under you?

Buttry comments on this once, but says that it should be the least of a Digital Firsts journalists worries.  While I would want to keep a constant stream off updates going, I would be absolutely certain that the most tantalizing of news scoops be held until I’m absolutely prepared to break the story in a more formal matter.  This could include in an online, mainstream journalism media or my own blog.

Journalism is evolving and requires the journalists evolve with it.  The domination of television and print for news is now over.  The current generation of readers is immersed in the internet and we need to adapt to provide them with the most up-to-date and dense news coverage possible.  I think that Digital First is not only on the right path, but they are clearing it for others who are coming up behind.  They have created a template for others to use and expand upon.


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