Funerals are the new Red Carpet

People thrive on knowing more about other people’s lives.  We live in an age where information is everywhere and there is no such thing as privacy for anyone who puts any part of their lives into the spotlight.  Television networks, such as E! and TLC make a mint exploiting other people’s lives.  Celebrity deaths are the cash cow of entertainment television, magazines and gossip columnists.

But, did the world really need a guide to the Whitney Houston funeral?

No, not really.

Admittedly, there are a lot of people who would want to watch the spectacle.  When was the last time Houston’s name was mentioned in the media?  The woman hadn’t made a movie or an album in years.  Last time her name hit papers was likely related to yet another drug bust.  In the 90’s she was a celebrity.  Two weeks ago, she was seeking celebrity.

No one talked about the woman for years.  But as soon as she died, she was famous.  It’s a sad state of celebrity that you have to die to be remembered for your contributions.  It’s also a sad fact that the only reason Houston couldn’t maintain her celebrity status was because it was that same status the likely lead her onto a destructive path of drugs and alcohol.



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