So, about is a neat little website.  I actually really enjoyed using it and will definitely use it again.  It’s easy to use, understand, and has helpful tips for anything that may confuse.

My one gripe is that I had some difficulty finding exactly what I was looking for to post.  The limitation of using flickr or instagram photos, for instance.  There is a way to use photos from other sites, but you have to know the exact url and be able to paste that in.  It would be helpful if there was an easy way to search google images.

Storify is fun.  It’s a good tool for anyone who wants to play around with the news and make art out of news.  I don’t know that I would expressly call it a journalism tool.  I don’t see media outlets using it to tell stories.  Some sites, like mashable, yes, but say the New York Times?  Or even local news sites such as Channel3000 or Journal-Sentinel, not so much.


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