Can Apple be any bigger of a bully?

When you see the following Twitter post, you can’t help but click:

@HuffintonPost Apple seeks permission to kick Kodak while it’s down

 I clicked, and I read, and seriously?  It’s bad enough that the pioneer of modern day photography is going bankrupt.  They couldn’t compete with newer technologies, considering they seemed unable to move along with the fast flow of technology advancement.  But what patents are they infringing on with Apple?
The article simply states that “the suit would seek to bar Kodak from importing various products, such as printers and digital cameras, that it believes infringes its patents.”  Since when has Apple been involved in printers or cameras?
Well, it would seem that, back in the 90’s, Kodak beat Apple to the punch on some digital camera technologies.  While Apple attempted to sue, the suit was thrown out.  Now, 20-some years later, it seems that big bully Apple is simply jumping in for the final blow on the little kid who fell off the jungle gym.
And people wonder why there are so many issues with Apple, as a company.

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