Accessible News for the Modern Internet Reader

The role of journalism is a revolving door, just starting to move after years of being stuck partly open.  In the past, the door allowed a handful of journalists in and out of the building, but the door kept the flow tight and dictated who could use it.  Journalism changes slowly.  Years of being dominated by the newspaper industry, the door opened a little further to allow for radio and then television.  Change has been necessary, with the advent of the internet, it has been forced to adapt.

Adrian Holovaty has changed the old world of journalism by fusing it with the modernization of the internet.  When seeking out information, you can enter a query into the search bar, but you tend to get dozens of articles with no actual relevance to what you want. Or, you get too many articles and have to sift through page after page in hopes of finding that little bit of information.

Jim Brady of the Washington Post stated that “the journalist collects data, synthesizes it and converts it to an understandable format to give readers a deeper understanding.”  This statement clearly applies to what Holovaty is doing with online media sites.  He is taking what the media gives us and makes it more accessible for the average user.  If more news organizations followed the footsteps of the innovative news sites that Holovaty has been associated with, I truly believe they would see more traffic from the average reader.  Modern news seekers don’t want to go out and look for news; they want the news to come to them.  And if they feel the need to investigate further, they need the door to open smoothly for them so they can approach the desk, ask and leave.


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