How’s that Nigerian Prince doing?

Working next to the Geek Squad window, at Best Buy, I get to hear a lot of very interesting stories about what happened to make people’s computers stop working.  In most cases, the client has absolutely no idea what they have done.  The number of times they admit to having clicked a link in an email, from an unrecognized sender astounds me.  With the amount of media coverage, the discussions and just how long the internet has been around at this point, I still can’t figure out why people think it is okay to just click around the internet.

When Mashable posted this article, this morning, I thought “Great!  Now these silly people will have some protection!”  The sad truth is that this is  step in the right direction, but not an overall solution.  When one of our Geek Squad agents asks someone why they would click on a link in an email from an address they don’t recognize, people tend to answer “Well how do I know it’s bad if I don’t click it?”

The Pyramid Scheme


2 thoughts on “How’s that Nigerian Prince doing?

  1. I think there’s a fundamental misunderstanding for some people about how the Internet works. Also, as long as there have been scam artists, there have also been gullible victims. No technology can fully protect against stupidity. So says me, anyway.

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